My Weather Report

Global warming,

Heat waves

Ten feet of snow in the Northeast

still melting in July

in “snow farms”.

Grit and lost cars and smaller things appear

as the snow melts

to reveal

what plows picked up

unseen to the drivers

in the sculptured hills on the roads.

Weather extremes

Tornado watches

Homes blown to the ground.

Treasures lost.


named now for

men and women.

Seas rising.

Homes and businesses

flooded out,

destroyed beyond repair.

This week

temperatures and humidity

have ranged.

My weather report

is measured by

the four nighties


each worn

on nights where

long sleeves brought comfort,

sleeveless for mid-range,

short sleeveless,

and last night

the thinest strapped

 short blue flowered.

Waking up

this morning,

the storm had blown

out the high heat and humidity


I pulled up the


and took a warm shower,

then dressed for a mid-temperature day.

The pretty weather forecasters

might reveal

their forecast

this way


bring a smile

as we listen

to the forecast

which is often


and unreliable.