Oh the days

when one day a week

was set aside

for rest.

For some,

it meant doing nothing in particular.

For others

 there could be time for family to be


Each of us

have 24 hours

each day.

Eight hours to sleep,

eight to work,

eight to do everything else.

Researchers are finding

that eight hours of sleep, give or take an hour

is really important for everyone.

With all-night screen time


can you develop

sleep hygiene,

preparing for restful sleep

by turning off

all screens,

stimulating activity,

welcoming rest,

grateful for a full day

and enough time to restore

and be healthy and


the next day,

and the next,

and the next!

Take A Rest!

When you feel life is too intense,

imagine it as a TV soap opera.

Turn the sound down until it seems manageable

or mute the sound and read the text.

It reads differently than it sounds.

This idea came to mind as I was sitting in a high-tech dentist chair and there was a soap opera on the TV screen. The sound was turned off and the script appeared in captions. The goings-on seemed less dramatic that way. Sometimes we can’t eliminate the drama in our lives, but we can turn the volume down.

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