When and How

When and how

A jagged report

startles us all.

A plane goes



In glorious scenery

the remains of a plane

the scattered sacred

bodies of

more than a hundred.

The opera singer’s baby

perhaps the youngest.

Teenagers on

an adventure

and learning.

Who was


for crossing that threshold

we all will cross

some day

in some way?

There are

many ways

to die.



Hit and run driver,

a pilot who may have planned

the abrupt descent.

The spikes of the mountains

the valleys below.

Together but scattered.

What will we ever know.

Some die in old age,

of prolonged illness.

Others not having any idea

that the primal fear

of falling

will take them away from loved ones.

How do each of us

bridge ourselves between this world and

the next?

How can the idea that

we have little or no control

guide us to live

in this moment.?

There is no one answer.

Each of us

can cherish each


Moment by moment.