Take Care and Let GO

Three months,
sheltered in place.
The psychology of this time
is so interesting.
Many of us have more time,
yet feel like
we get less done.
I had cleaned up files
and given
Big Brothers Big Sisters
bags of clothes
so I don’t have any urge to do that.
I have to be aware
of how much
and what I do
in a given day
to keep by spine from
speaking too much!
With doing laundry and housekeeping together,
there is more to do
and also very much
to overlook deliberately.
The dust bunnies
sometimes get picked up
as they show up
rather than real cleaning.
I have taken advantage of
some webinars,
series and one-time.
Eileen Fisher,
whose clothes
are made to be comfortable
in our own skin
1 hour on-line
Women Connect.
 A half hour
 someone speaking
and then small break-out ten minutes
on Zoom.
Seems like many admit
to self-judging
and I am adopting
a term
 Gentle Witness
to replace
the Judging
I  sometimes hear.
Very Often.
So I
am aware of
Taking Care and
Letting Go,
in that moment,
with each breath.
Practice won’t make
that perfect.
Perfect never
and won’t now!

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