Bread, The Staff of Life


can be precious.

Counting out

each piece,

how long will

it last

to provide


Every culture

has some form.

This recipe


5 ingredients.

I think there

might be all

tucked into

the back of my



past their




for a rainy day.

Or whenever.


Bread Shortage? This is the easiest kind of bread you can make

Navajo Flatbread: Makes 6

2 cups all purpose flour
1  1/4 cups of lukewarm water
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons oil (canola oil, vegetable oil, or shortening work best)
… Additional 1-2 Tablespoons oil (for frying)

Mix flour, salt, baking powder & 2 tsp. canola oil together in a mixing bowl and add most of the water. Continue mixing and adding water until it has the consistency of tacky pizza dough.
Knead for a few minutes.
Let rest in greased bowl for 30- 60 minutes.
Divide into 6 pieces and roll out very thin (tortilla thickness) onto a floured surface.
Heat cast iron skillet or griddle to 350F & add 1 T. canola oil. Heat oil til hot but not smoky hot.
Cook until golden brown spots appear on one side.. then flip and cook the other side until done.

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