Smiles are free,

there can be

an endless supply.


tell us


can improve

our mood.

There is a chemistry

which changes.



can make us

feel well.

Smiling deliberately

can improve our mood.

This morning,

I realized

that the myriad

of photographs

in unmatched frames

on every shelf

in my bedroom,

my office,

my kitchen,

living room,

in no particular order

are each framing

a smiling face.


at every age,

first smiles,

toothless grins,

a first bath in the kitchen sink.

Every stage

school photos,

life events.

Some capture one face smiling.

Others are one, two, three, four


Their parents,

our children

remembered too.

A granddaughter

in a ballet tutu,

next to a picture

of her mother,

my daughter

in a tutu.

Our wedding,

family weddings,


Different ones

catch my eye

as I pass by

or stop to spend

a moment.

Each smiles

I smile.


Each One.






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