All Thing Considered

How are you?

A friend replied

All Things Considered. . .

It might be easier

to list

a litany of things,

concerns, observations

about the present

state of affairs

in his health,

in the family,

the neighborhood,

the country,

the world.

The words

All Things Considered

Stayed with me.


sharing the specifics

can invite

more preoccupation

with the difficulties

at hand.

Many reply that

there is a level

of unease with

the endless current affairs,

with Washington,

constitutional interpretations,

election candidates,

face masks,

washing hands to prevent

the virus epidemic.

Words, just words,

I am weary of it all.

Adding the challenges

of the moment

or ever-present


may not offer relief

but more stress.

Can we somehow

find more ways

to offer


gratitude for what

is new and good today.

I share

these words

for your consideration.

All things considered,

I am blessed

And appreciate ways

to be myself

and honor others

with a


a nod,

or a light touch on the shoulder.

I am grateful

if you read this,

perhaps share.

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