Inner and Outward Landscape


news or is it news?

Recycled over and over


in individuals’ lives

It feels like the dark curtains

covering up

so much abuse,


whatever the latest


What about your inner landscape?

Is that in turmoil,

seeking a balance?

“Even when it hurts,

we need to seek

as much clarity

about our lives

as possible.

Pain can be a transition

to new life

if it isn’t avoided

or feared.”

We are drawn

to pleasure

and resist pain.

In resisting,

the pain can become

more intense.

Knowing this,

I ask,

What is the pain

teaching me?

Can I embrace fear,

acknowledge it

and so

reduce it?

Living Lines Reflections

Robert Wicks, quote Riding the Dragon,Ten Lessons for Inner Strength in Challenging Times





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