The latest rage

is not political

but about


It is so easy

to stop seeing


on flat surfaces

stuffed in closets

invisible in plastic

storage boxes,

pushed under

the bed.

An e-mail notice

from our favorite charity

that picks up

assembled donations

on our front door step

gave us

five days

to say


Gradually a veil

seemed to lift.

I noticed



all sorts of things

and decided

that in addition to

jackets, hats, gloves

warm robes

could be given

to someone


Once the process began

four days ago,

more things

caught my eyes

and now

9 boxes and bags

are ready for


I smile

thinking of

someone being warm,

enjoying some pretty object,

that had been displayed

so long,

I really didn’t see it.

Spring cleaning

comes early

this year.

I hope there

will be


notice of pick-up.

There is more room

to breath now.



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