Suffer the Children

How do children learn?

Following the daily news,

too many children

are learning

through suffering

the arrogance of some adults

in power.

Refugees in boats

to lands

near and far.

Walking days and nights

to reach

safety in our land.

Captured and put

into cages.

Transported without records

to places unknown.

Separated from parents,

some never reunited.

Nightly news show


whose parents

work for our government.

Furloughed, no pay,

Work, but no pay.

Bills to pay,

food to eat,

roofs over their heads,


on or past the edge.

American children

aren’t taught


how our government works,

three branches,

right to vote.

Adults’ responsibilities

are to care for children,

help them feel


Where are the adults


Suffer the children

to come to Me,

says the Bible.


is what these

children are living.

Abuse of power

with insulting words.

Democracy is on the brink

some observe.

What about the children?

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