Hawk and Dove

Some liken

the Holy Spirit

to a shy and gentle bird

who must be approached

quietly and slowly,

lest he be


and fly away.

Other liken

the Holy Spirit

to a ravening hawk. .

my experiences

have been more

hawklike than dovelike.

But considerable violence

is needed

to pull my fragments


to join sunside  and nightside;

it’s a wildly athletic act

to place the mind

into the heart

and a lot

of muscles get pulled.

Best known for

her book

A Wrinkle in Time

Madeleine l’Engle

 in her book

The Irrational Season

shows that questioning- living with the questions-is strengthening and

even may provide

some answers.

With patience,

answers may come,

often quietly and

often not what is expected.

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