Global Warming

some dispute.

Believer or not,

Extreme weather,


flooding waist high,

homes immersed to the third-floor,

cars almost completely covered

sometimes floating down the

beyond swollen rivers.

In many places,

shorelines will

forever be changed.

Some homes

even those built on

stilts after previous storms,

flooded or washed away.

There was

no rain this summer

where I live.

Extreme heat,

extreme humidity,

poor air quality.

Restricted watering

in my town.


the garden blossomed.

Plants chosen

carefully to survive.

Old fashioned zinnias, colorful still.

Unlike many summers,

butterflies came all summer,

yellow finches


all day long

on bags of thistle seeds.

Hummingbirds came later

and smaller.

Bees buzzed.

There seemed to be plenty

for all to feast,

bringing a ballet of life.

I am always grateful

for the garden.

This year

despite uncomfortable weather

nature showed its lovely and colorful


Nature has

amazing restorative capabilities.

Human beings

do too.


with loss of homes,


treasures of families,

communities often come


connecting and helping

each other survive.


and tragedies

can bring out the

giving-side of people.

That is good news.

Not Fake News.







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