Two Parts

Nobody feels in control
all of the time.
There is
too much
to do
and no one
goes to bed
giving thanks
that he or she
has finished
the day’s
to-do list!
When I feel overwhelmed,
I try to ask myself,
what one thing or two things
could make me
feel better
if done.
they are
small chores
that have been
nagging at me.

To do lists
are usually
too long
and have a way
of increasing
when we aren’t
paying attention.
The trick is
to figure out
what is too long
and then,
stick to one’s limit.

Part 2
and celebrating
our accomplishments,
large or small
and our
connections to what
we do
can help
switch our perspective
to the abiding

allowing ourselves
to internalize,
let what we do
really sink in,
pausing and really letting ourselves
What We Do,
We can

with PRIDE,
take a deep appreciation
and be grateful
we are
finally honoring ourselves!


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