Just words,

I am

just sick

of words.

Social justice,

Hold out hope

for a better world.

Hope won’t do it.

The courageous youth

are putting themselves


In Washington,D.C.

Cities all over the country

Around the world.

Their voices

are loud and insistent.

Do you hear

what I hear?

Values of compassion

and Justice.

Healing the world,

one school,

one community

at the same time.

In Judaism, Passover

In Christianity, Holy Week,

For ALL.

Signs of marchers



Justice, Love, Mercy.


Heal the World.

What one thing

can you do today?

Sacred Work.

It is Now

or Never.

There may not be

a future

for us

for our children


for all.

Red, Blue

Listen to each other.


we can change

the poison climate

of hate and fear.

There is no time

like this moment.

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