Love Sweet Love

Some comments

from Higher Authorities

seem to miss


to create ways

to honor Ash Wednesday

and Valentine’s Day



For those who choose

to honor the day

with ashes,


Fasting, fine,

if that is

meaningful to you.

How about some ideas for

integrating the days’ spirits.


Donate food

in some way

to one or many.

Think of ways

to show love to

first oneself.

Then out of that respect,

show love

and appreciation

to those

near and dear

and someone else.

Pay It Forward

as some find ways to do.

Use imagination


respond in the moment

to opportunities

for a smile

or helping

to SEE

someone who

usually isn’t seen.

Laws, laws, rigidity, regulations.

Not meaningful to me.

What can you do


Love someone

as Yourself?



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