Bubbling Up

Things bubble

up to the surface


it is safe

to deal with them.


doesn’t mean easy.

Life’s choices

and concerns

 can produce a

constant stream

of second thoughts, worries,

and regrets.

We may not

be aware

of what is floating

below the surface

until some event brings

a forgotten memory

to our consciousness.

We all experience


of reckoning

when we must


and readdress

the past.

There may be

unresolved conflicts

as far back

as early childhood.

It may be a safe time to look back,

feel the feelings


it is not easy

to experience

the sorrow or loss.

Being open to the process

can be



One thought on “Bubbling Up

  1. Missy, so glad to hear your wisdom again. Thank you. I benefit from the depth of your emotions & your ever pressing journey to greater understanding of the spiritual & human.

    Hope you & Marsh are well & that our paths cross sometime.

    Much love from Jane




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