How could innovation simplify our lives rather giving us more things to take care of, spending endless time trying to reach Customer Service which either doesn’t exist or is made impossible to find how to reach.
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Living Lines Moment by Moment


The buzz word

showing up on the covers of many magazines

and college and universities news

informs us that

we are living in a time



will take us

and keep us


in new products,

ways of thinking,

empowering us

to live

life fully and keep us


of the rest of the world.


we must be.


include, energy, robotics, medicine, health care,

education,how to teach and what to teach.

New products

usually include


and electronic ways

of communicating


running machines,

managing our lives

from our smart phones.

Spending many hours

at the

Genius Bar

at my local Apple Store,

my helper’s back pocket revealed

another brand,


cell phone.

With plenty of

time to talk

while he troubleshooted

my computer for a

repeat problem,

he told me that

he had started as

a car mechanic.

When cars and their motors and functions

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