When nature is blooming, as when things are going right in our lives we may not think of pruning, but it is a constant thing.

Living Lines Moment by Moment

Pruning. . .

not only speaks of

cutting back

but also of the

ultimate blossoming

that takes place

when it is done properly.

-Henri Nouwen

In horticultural, pruning encourages growth. But knowing where to cut to maximize growth requires expertise. The image of pruning has become increasingly important to me. One place I’ve tried to prune is my natural impulse to solve someone else’s problems rather than support that person’s own decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Pruning

  1. It’s a difficult task and one that also sometimes requires me to look at relationships anew. But I guess – if it it pruned and it dies, that might not always be a mistake in the pruning ?


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