Horses or Homeless

Primaries over. Candidates selected. One doesn’t know the Constitution or care to know. Today, Amazon announced that copies of the Constitution are selling as rapidly as the new Harry Potter.
Have you read the Constitution? How about soon!

Living Lines Moment by Moment


in this democracy





spelled out

in the U.S. Constitution.

This 2015-2016

Primary Scene

is full of

nightly news,


outrageous statements

and very little

about human rights.

We, the People,

in Order to form

a more perfect Union.

Is there anyplace

in the


and 27 Amendments

 that mentions

Central Park Horses?

New York’s Mayor,

who two years ago


serious ambitions

about improving society,

especially for

the poor,

recently proposed

a bill

to the City Council.

Recognizing that his early proposal

to eliminate

horses and carriages

from New York

 was politically unwise,

 he now proposes keeping

the horses and carriages


IN Central Park.

This feat would be accomplished

by building stables

in the Park

which would cost

an estimated $25 million dollars.

This public housing for the horses,

already warmly stabled,

would divert funds

from providing

shelter and housing


the more than 55,000

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