May The Road Rise to Meet You


the road rise

to meet you.

May the wind

be always

 at your back.

May the sun


warm upon

your face,

the rains fall soft

upon your fields,

and when

we meet again,

May God

hold you

in the

palms of

His hand.

There are many versions

of this Irish Blessing.

There are many

who claim

Irish ancestors.

The Irish diaspora


far and wide.

Even our first

African American


has Irish roots

on his mother’s side.

As the 69th


parades down

New York’s

Fifth Avenue,

I claim a


who was a member of

the “Fighting Irish Brigade”.

I can do a bit of the jig,

dancing to the
Irish Washerwoman toe tapping music.

In 8th grade,

I soloed

the lilting
“Rose of Tralee”.

In cap and gown,

high heeled shoes,

 with my college freshmen class,

we marched in the

parade in the snow.

Memories linger

smiles especially broad

on this green day.

Do you have

a bit of Irish

on this day?

May the road rise to meet You.

One thought on “May The Road Rise to Meet You

  1. Dear Missy,
    Thank you for your Post today.
    There is much to ponder and pray with!
    We are preparing for next week.
    Holy Week is such a week filled with many emotions.
    Are you spending Easter in Cambridge?.
    Is there any one thing that I may pray for and give thanks for with you?
    I miss our visits. Our Chapel is growing by the days.
    There will be a chance soon that we can go have a look.
    Please know that you are In my thoughts and prayers.


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