The Week of Apple

Thinking of


crisp apples?

Is it a coincidence

that Apple

has a

big product announcement

scheduled for

this time of the year?

Many years

there is a


announcement that

a world-changing product

will be available

at the Apple store near You!

That has meant

some Septembers

that there will be

lines outside

as if a rock star is


On the web marketplaces,

some people are

selling their older but still good phones

to get a

bigger, better,

this year’s design.

I don’t have

an I-Phone.

How can I live

without one,

you might ask?

I function

very well,

thank you,

with my Jitterbug phone.

A flip phone,

it does what I need it to do.

That is what

technology means for me.

It is to serve me,

not complicate

my life.

I have a  three and a half year old


which this week

announced that my Safari app

was no longer



so I ordered it to


Now I have to hunt for

previously familiar


I couldn’t find my

e-mail Files.

A flash of insight

came to me in the shower


I found where

to make the Files

show by clicking under my name

and the word “show”


Click and there they were.

I did not want to spend time on the phone

or responding to the screen
“May we help”

and not have the


I needed


I have a four and a half

year old I-Pad which

has Kindle

loaded in it.

I prefer books in my hand.

Luddite, no!

I did publish

a book

Living Lines

on the Espresso robotic

book-making machine

at The Harvard Book Store.

Now that is amazing!

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