To Kill a Mockingbird

Go Set a Watchman is out and all abuzz about Harper Lee’s new but old

Living Lines Moment by Moment


To Kill a Mockingbird

countless times.

This time

it moved me

in ways

more deeply.

When you know the story already,

the details become

more striking.

The trees’ leaves

play a role.

Scout and her brother Jem

are out at night

quite a bit.

The black and white film


 light, darkness and shadows.

Sometimes it is scary.

They call their father



Tom Robinson, a Negro

was standing trial

for raping

a young white girl,

Scout and Jem

ran to the courthouse

to watch the trial.

Sitting in the balcony

with the town’s Negros,

they listened to

Atticus giving an

impassioned defense.

“All men are created equal”.


was published in 1960,

barely before

the civil rights movement


Recent events,

the murder of 9 people

at a Bible study

in a Charleston church

have brought many people


The Confederate flag

still a symbol of the…

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