Your Name

Have you ever


the ways you

are called

or use

to identify yourself?


have their maiden name

which they may keep

or change

when they marry.

Men probably use

the name parents

gave them.


or pen name

might be alternatives.

Some writers

use more than one pen name

for different kinds of books.

With the ever increasing

digital, electronic world,

how many user names do you have?

Then there are passwords.

Do you use the same ones for everything?

Not recommended

by experts

on hacking.

Some require

8-30 characters,

including an upper case

a lower case,

a number or a few


might be required

or some choice of

!,/ or =.

Keeping track

of all your names,


can be

time consuming,


and  require

perfect record keeping.

Some trust this information to an


What if that gets hacked

and your identity

is stolen?

Just think-

how many names

and User Names

 you have?

Ever lost track of one,

or more?

Phone time,


phone time,

making it possible

to access

your account.


is Progress!


is it ?

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