On Memorial Day

we honor

those who serve and served.

For some

it is a particularly

poignant time.

Some served and

remember those who died.

For families

who lost someone

it is a time

to be open with their grief.

For each of us,

we may serve in other ways

than the battlefield.

How do you live your life?




of ways to serve.

For me,

I have learned to

no longer

make a plan

for my life

but to respond

to the things

and people

in my life

who are

part of a pattern or plan

I cannot see.

At the end of the movie

Saving Private Ryan,

a memorable reflection

can become our filter.

I’ve tried to live

my life

the best

I can.

I hope that

is enough.



my legacy.


and everyday.


2 thoughts on “Legacy

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  2. Missy: That is a lovely reflection on yesterday. My Dad always called it “Decoration Day”
    because of the graves that people decorated after WW I, the Great War. I am trying to pass
    your kinds of thoughts along to my grands.
    Best, Sarah


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