Ritual, An Ongoing Perspective


How can what

we do

become ritual?

For some,

up early

to run,



steal time to write.

Putting out clothes

for yourself

for the children

the night before.

Make lunch, bag it,

ready in the morning.

Would you call this routine?

What about thinking


Do you




not religious?

Has something

been missing,


not thinking

of meaning

of the routine?

Is there

a way

to deepen

the value?

Create a ritual,

savoring the meaning

of gratefulness

for time,

food and clothing, shelter.



In the moment

by moment.

Many people like to read about different spiritual traditions or to perform rituals but don’t want to practice their teachings very much. The teachings can transform us no matter what religion or spiritual traditions we belong to, if we are willing to practice.         Thich Nhat Hanh, Anger p. 26

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