A Creativity Exercise

Roles I Play                                                                   Characteristics of My Life

Daughter/Son                                                                  School

Friend                                                                               Home

Girlfriend/Boyfriend                                                          Family

Student                                                                            Vacation

Worker                                                                             Work

Volunteer                                                                          Hobbies

Sister/Brother                                                                   City/Country

Roommate                                                                        Spirituality

Mother/Father                                                                   Exercise/Sports

Wife/Husband                                                                   Indoors/Outdoors


Circle in these lists anything that applies and add anything that is either part of your life or you would like to include.

Take some markers or pen and paper. Be creative if you like with colors, pictures, whatever to make

a collage or design, a puzzle of the circled dimensions of your Life Now.

Take a clean sheet of paper, look at the way your life is prioritized, compartmentalized, or missing something or somebody.  Make another picture, collage, map of the way you would like your Life To Be. Be as creative as you feel inclined. The more colorful, even three-D the creation, the more your creative juices will flow and help you see what you would like your life to be like.

LivingLines 223



What do you need to do to go from where you see your Life Now to how you would like your Life To Be?

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