Clear away what

you don’t need

and what

you don’t really want

but have gotten used to.

I have been in a clearing-out mode for the last few weeks-books, clothes, out-of date files of paper, flowerpots tucked away after the plants died.  We used to move a lot and it was easier to de-accession possessions we no longer used or saved thinking  would be used in the future.

Rather than taking on a whole room at once, I tackle one side of a room or one shelf or one part of a shelf. I throw away what no one will use and I try to find a home or a person who really could use the give-away.

My husband and I cleared a room of doubled up bookshelves  and donated more than a hundred books to a trailer at the town dump. The supervisor asked my husband what he thought of the empty shelves. He answered, “She loves them.”

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