No Longer Make a Plan

I no longer make a plan for myself

but I respond to the things in my life

that are part of a pattern or a plan

I cannot see.

To do lists,  calendar planners,- how do you think about today, this week, your future? How do you find perspective, or is there no time or space to “listen”?

Can you rest a while on the unknown threshold of your life- that place between your inner and outer worlds?

On the surface, the words may sound passive, but they remind me to strive for an active awareness. While I may not be in control of events, I can be ready to respond.

Personal change, like social change, is not an event, but a process.Thresholds can be strange, uncomfortable, even mysterious. Trusting with awareness may take us to a place of unexpected encounter with ourselves.

LL 45;BL I 33,22,119

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