Darkness to Light

Today is the day before the Winter Solstice when we have the least amount of light in the day. Cultures and spiritual traditions around the world from early days recognize that the turning of the earth in a few days will begin to bring a few moments of more light each day.

In our own lives we can notice that there are times of greater darkness and hope for greater light.

Our own brokenness-

be it our own self-sufficiency,

our sense of inadequacy or incompleteness,

our own character flaws,

even our own despair- whatever it is,

our brokenness becomes

the portal in our own soul

where God breaks through to us.

. . we have to be patient with life. . .

We were created in a state of perfection, full of potential. . .

Patience does not preclude our suffering

but rather presumes it. . .

Growth is sometimes quite painful-growing pains. . .

That God will break through to us

in our brokenness

also invites the gift of humility.

Humility comes as a by-product of a well-lived life.

Humility is not something to work on

which would probably only produce its opposite, pride-

but rather something that simply evolves within our soul.

Curtis Almquist SSJE

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